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Pokies at land-based casinos certainly offer players a lot of fun and the potential for a big payout. The poker machine is very easy to play and it offers people a huge amount of entertainment. Even though a pokie is easy enough to play, you should always understand how a particular machine works in terms of its paylines, bonuses and payout. Of course one of the great features of any pokie is it always tells you if you’ve won.

Basic Pokie Facts

There is no “due” time for a pokie to payout. Every pokie is controlled by computer software that determines the payout percentage of that particular machine. When the payout occurs is totally random. In fact, a poker machine can payout substantial amounts many times over the course of a day and then pay very little for the next few days. Each payout is independent of the last spin and the next spin as a random number generation controlled by a computer chip decides all pokie results. That means that there is little true strategy involved in pokie play.

Pokie Bells and Whistles

There are various standard features found on most pokies. Many of these features influence how long you’ll play, what bonus rounds you’ll enjoy and your possible payout. Here are some elements for which you should look:

• Number of reels: Pokies have either three or five reels. The five reel machines usually have larger payouts than the three reel ones.
• Number of paylines: The paylines on pokies vary a lot, ranging from as few as three to more than 25. The more paylines the more coins you’ll need to use in order to be eligible for all prizes.
• Multiplier symbols: If you read the rules for a particular pokie, you will find out how the multipliers work. Multiplier symbols increase payout and bonus amounts.
• Scatter symbols: Like the multiplier, you’ll find scatter symbols described in the rules for the machine. Most often you need to get three or more scatter symbols in order to have access to the pokie’s bonus round.
• Winning free spins: Usually you can win free spins in the bonus round or by matching or simply acquiring specified symbols.
• The bonus round: The bonus round is just about standard on most pokies. This round has to be activated by the appearance of certain symbols. Players can usually win free spins, extra coins and other prizes in this round.

Pokie Strategy and the Payout

You will find that a few techniques can be helpful when you play pokies. It’s true, as has been mentioned before, that payouts are random, but there are some methods you can incorporate that will increase your chances of winning and result in bigger payouts.

• Pokies that offer payout percentages that range from 95% to 99% are best. These percentages, which are set when the machines are made, are published on the Internet.
• Choose pokies with five reels and numerous paylines. These usually pay more than those with three reels and fewer paylines
• To garner the maximum payout, you should play the maximum number of coins.

It’s important to realize that poker machine payouts have nothing to do with when the machine last paid out. A pokie can go for days without offering any substantial payout or it can payout large sums numerous times over the course of a few plays. Set limits, play smart and only spend what you can afford. And by all means have fun!

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