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European Roulette, which is preferred over American Roulette, is an exciting game of chance that offers big payoffs. Its rules are easy to understand, and it gives bettors many choices when it comes to wagering and odds. Most people prefer the European version because the house edge is much lower than in American Roulette.

When you compare the American and European Roulette wheel, you’ll notice that the American has a zero and a double zero while the other wheel has just one zero. The double zero raises the house edge from 2.7%, which is what you find at the European table, to 5.26%. The American game has 38 numbers, while the European contains just 37. The addition of that one number in the American game offers the house a huge advantage.

Overview of Roulette Odds and Payouts

The 35-1 payout on a single bet that roulette offers is extremely tantalizing. It is one of the reasons that so many players like this game. However, it isn’t easy to pick that one number on which the little silver ball will land. Don’t despair, there are many other bets that you can place that are easier to hit. Of course because they carry less risk, they pay lower odds, ranging from as high as 17-1 to as low as 1-1.

Roulete Casino Table

Roulette Rules

Every roulette table has a posted minimum wager. Prior to the spin of the wheel, all bets must be made. The croupier will wave off any additional wagers just before the wheel spins and he drops the ball. After the silver ball is set in the wheel and it nestles in a numbered pocket, the house will take in all losing bets and pay on all winning wagers. The betting starts agin for the next round.

Inside Bets

In roulette, you’re going to find that bets are divided into two categories—inside and outside. Along with providing an explanation of these, the diagram below can be used as a helpful guide.

The inside bets, which are simply all of the numbers from 0 through 37, may be made in various ways. Bet on an individual number and you can enjoy a payout of 35-1. You may also split your bet between any two adjacent numbers, giving you 17-1 odds. Place a corner bet, which is where you choose four numbers that meet at one corner, such as 2, 3, 5 and 6, or 19, 20, 22 and 23, and the payout is 8-1.

You may also place a bet on a row of three numbers. This is called a street bet and offers odds of 11-1. Examples include 10, 11 and 12 or 28, 29, 30. When you make a line bet, you’re putting money on two adjacent rows, such as 4, 5, 6 and 7, 8 9. This wager gives you a payout of 5-1.

Outside Bets

While the inside bets are overall high-risk wagers, the inside bets carry less risk and offer lower odds. Please be aware that even though there’s more safety in playing an outside wager, there are no guarantees when it comes to games of chance including European Roulette.

As far as low risk wagers are concerned, there are many opportunities to make 1-1 bets. These include wagering on color, black or red. You may also bet on either low numbers or high numbers coming up. Low numbers are 1-18 and high range from 19-35. Note that zero is not included in the high/low wager.

Two types of bets that offer 2-1 odds are dozens and columns. The dozens run the width of the table and are listed as “1st 12,” “2nd 12,” and “3rd 12.” The three columns simply run the length of the table with each clearly being marked “2-1.”

En Prison Rule

The En Prison rule, which may or may not be offered by a casino, is connected to outside wagers. With this rule if the ball lands on zero your wager is basically carried over to the next spin of the wheel. (Think of your bet as being “in prison.”)

On the next spin of the wheel if you hit your bet, then your original wager is returned without a payout. If zero comes up again or you lose the bet, then you lose your money. The En Prison rule is good for bettors as it lowers the house advantage on outside bets to 1.35%.

European Roulette is Tantalizing

European Roulette, with its various bets and odds and simple rules, is very popular at land-based casinos. Be sure to wager carefully; that spinning wheel and travelling silver ball have a special allure and can be mesmerizing. Remember, as it is with all games of chance, the results of roulette are random and there’s no way to know what number the ball will land on next. Have fun at the roulette table. It’s a great table game.

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