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Video Poker

Video poker was introduced in casinos in the 1970s and became popular with people who enjoy playing poker, who like using strategy and who are attracted to slots. Video poker machines are an interesting combination of pokies and poker. This article will take a look at the positive aspects of video poker and how to become a winning player.

Video Poker and Pokies

Video poker machines, like pokies, are high tech devices that use advanced computer technology. The both look very similar. The cards you draw in video poker like the symbols you accumulate on pokies are all chosen randomly. Like pokies, video poker plays fast and rounds are very fast. Also, like pokies, there are progressive video poker machines that offer big payouts.

The big difference between pokies and video poker machines has to do with the payouts. Pokies payout at a rate of around 97% while video poker pays out at a rate of around 99%. The other thing about video poker results is that they are the same as they would be if you were playing poker. That means that depending on what cards you draw, you can determine your chances of getting a certain hand after you make your discard.

The Video Poker Game

A round of video poker plays like a round of five card draw. You make your wager, often you have a choice of one to five credits. The more credits you play, the greater your payout if you win. After your cards are dealt, you decide what to discard. You then receive your new cards and the machine compares your hand to the payout chart. If you have a winning hand, you receive more credits and if you don’t, you lose your wager. Then a new round starts.

Most machines won’t payout unless you have Jacks or better or tens and better and others won’t payout for anything less than three of a kind. The better your hand, the higher your payout will be. It’s important to understand the payout chart for whatever game your paying and the chances of your hitting a specific hand, especially after the hand is dealt. This will affect which cards you keep and which you discard.


Popular video poker games include Jacks or Better, All American, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild and Bonus Poker. Also, Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker are commonly played. All of these machines pay well and often and are known as “full pay” games because they offer the maximum payback percentage of between 99% and 100%. Because of the inherent value of wagering on these games, these are good video poker machines to play.

Basic strategy tips:

• Study the payout charts for any game you’re going to play.
• Study the likelihood of your securing each type of winning hand.
• Play machines that give you higher payouts for specific hands such as four Aces.
• Play a progressive machine since it gives you the chance of a big payday.
• Play with a big enough bankroll so you can sustain yourself through a string of loses.
• Break down your bankroll into units with each unit being equal to one credit. Try to have at least 100 hands in your bankroll.
• Play logically and not emotionally, and play at your own pace.
• Take breaks and don’t let the machine lull you into a rhythm.
• Know when to quit.

Video Poker Bottom Line

Like poker, video poker calls for a certain amount of strategy, but it does not involve the competitive nature of poker where you are playing against other players. Your challenge is matching your results with the payout chart. There’s no bluffing, raising or need to have a kicker in video poker. Know the game you are playing and have fun!

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